Stretch Film Products

We Stock and Distribute A Variety of Stretch Film

  • 3” hand wraps
  • Pre-stretched hand wraps
  • Wide web machine films
  • Variety of gauges

The stretch film products category is constantly evolving with more and more sophisticated manufacturing processes. You can rely on Beck Packaging to have access to the most up to date technologies to assist you in getting your product to its destination in the most cost effective manner with the least amount of effort.

Beck Packaging guides business owners to achieve maximum profitability with a focus on packaging, automation and efficiency. We help you make your business more cost-efficient and time saving not only for you but your employees and customers as well. We provide customized solutions for stretch film products needed for your business and it's shipping process.

Wide Stretch Film

Stretch Film Products Shipped Right to your Doorstep in Allentown PA


3-inch Stretch Film

stretch film products in a variety of sized available at beck packaging in allentown pa

Stretch Film Equipment and Products Delivered Right to your Doorstep!