Protective Packaging Solutions By Beck Packaging

We care about you and your products, which is why we offer a wide variety of protective packing products to keep your valuable items safe during shipment. You can request orders both big and small, and we will have it shipped right to your door. Not sure which protective packaging products you need for your business? Our consultative employee owners will provide you with informative answers for any questions you have.

Protective Packaging Products

Polythyelene Foam
Polypropylene foam
Bubble Wrap®
Convoluted Foam
Foam in Place-Instapack®
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
Cellulose Wadding
Styrofoam "Peanuts"
Single-Faced Corrugated
Indented Bogus
Fill Air® Pillows
Pad Pak® Kraft Packaging
Inflatable Bubble



protective packaging




Bubble Wrap Products


protective packaging



Not only does bubble wrap have a satisfying popping sound, it protects your valuable products during shipment!

Fill Air Pillows

protective packaging

Fill Air pillows fill the voided areas of your shipping packages. These pillows provide protection on every type of shipment!


protective packaging

Korvu® packaging suspends your products - protecting them from shock and vibration during the shipment and delivery process.

Polythylene Foam

protective packaging

Polythylene foam is available in sheets, cylinders and tubes allowing for customized orders based on your needs.