Paper Products and Chipboard Products

Beck Packaging offers a wide array of paper products and chipboard products. Having a wide variety allows us to provide customized and personal solutions based on your business needs.

Our consultative experts determine which paper products work best for your business. We take the time to look into your daily operations to identify redundant or weak areas and identify equipment automation opportunities to increase throughput. Our employee owners tell you what products you need to save energy, time and money. We find solutions and conveniently ship your needed paper products directly to your door.

We do the work for you!

Chipboard Converting and Chipboard Pads

Chipboard Converting and Paper Products in Allentown PA

Our in house chipboard converting capabilities result in a speedier turnaround, higher quality control and lower costs.

VCI-Vapor & Rust

Paper Products offer solutions for your business needs in Allentown PA

Use VCI Paper to wrap and protect metals in shipment or storage. VCI paper provides a cost saving solution for corrosion protection.

Your business solutions are just a phone call away!

Newsprint & Tissue Paper

paper products in Allentown Bethlehem and Easton PA

Newsprint & tissue paper helps keep your valuable items safe during shipment. We can ship in many different quantities depending on the customers need!

Kraft Paper

 Kraft Paper products for your business needs in Allentown PA

The word Kraft means strong in German. Kraft papers are strong and durable and are intended for packaging, wrapping and shipping. Kraft Papers are USDA/FDA approved for use in food industries.

Our consultative employee owners are here to help you.

Waxed & Treated Papers


Waxed and Treated Paper Products in Allentown Pennsylvania

Our waxed & treated papers are offered in quantities small and large - giving our customers a myriad of options to purchase from.

Garment Cutting Papers

Garment cutting paper is a paper product used for guidance while cutting fabric

Garment cutting paper is used mainly to cut fabrics and is used as a guide while cutting delicate items.