Converting Services

Beck Packaging offers on site chipboard converting services which allows us to convert chipboard into custom sizes right in our facility.  Our guillotines can precisely cut most types and thicknesses of natural chip, clay coat or poly coated to your specifications.

Chipboard Converting Services

  • Precision cuts
  • Any size
  • Any thickness
  • Clay coated
  • Poly coated

This has been very helpful to a variety of industries including printing and garment industries. Our in-house services result in a speedier turnaround, higher quality control and lower costs - all being beneficial for our customers. Chipboard is a blend of recycled papers, making this process green and eco-friendly.

Common Uses for chipboard

  • Strengthen notepads and mailers
  • Layering packages
  • Added protection in boxes

Because our machines create precision cuts at any thickness, we are able to create customized orders based on our customers needs. Our services are aimed to help your business save time, money and space. All of our employee owners are experts on all of our equipment. Call us today to speak to an owner and they will create customized solutions for your business.

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We also distribute many paper products from Gordon Paper Company.




Custom chipboard converting services at Beck Packaging, Allentown, PA

Custom chipboard sheets with a variation of sizes and thicknesses