Paper Void Fill

Plastic void fill packaging has its place, but so too does paper void fill packaging. Both protect your products when packaging for shipment and both are recyclable, but only paper is truly biodegradable.
The packaging industry is starting to see the benefits of paper void fill. This shift can be attributed in large part to “green” initiatives to provide more sustainable packaging. Not only is paper packaging a more sustainable option but it can be used across all areas of protective packaging including Void Fill, Cushioning, Wrapping and Block and Bracing. It also provides a pleasant and memorable unboxing experience to the customer.

These types of systems are designed to replace labor intensive products such as Newsprint, Kraft Paper, Peanuts, Corrugated inserts, Shredded Paper, etc. An equipment based paper system in your facility will allow you to increase productivity, reallocate labor, save warehouse space and improve ergonomics. These machines can fit seamlessly into your existing packaging with very little downtime and are safe and very easy for packers to use.

Beck Packaging works with a variety of valued manufacturing partners. Together we will work together to evaluate your current packaging process and determine what solution will be a good fit based off of your most important needs.

The Best Way To Reuse And Recycle Packaging Material

Packing peanuts, made of expanded polystyrene, also known as EPS or plastic #6, keep shipped items from shifting and breaking. EPS is as recyclable as any other plastic. If you don’t have access to a curbside or drop-off recycling in your neighborhood, you can also use a mail-back program such as the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers. Since EPS is extremely lightweight, it can be economically shipped to a regional collection site, but in most cases reuse is your best disposal bet for those old peanuts.

biodegradable protective packaging materials at beck packaging

Bubble Wrap and Fill-Air pillows are recyclable. Once deflated, these pieces of thin plastic can be recycled at locations that accept grocery and other types of plastic such as bread, dry cleaning and newspaper bags. Numerous grocery stores provide a bin near the front of the store to collect bags and films that are marked with resin identification codes #2 and #4. Keep in mind that Bubble Wrap and Fill-Air products cannot be placed into curbside recycling bins. Most mixed-use recycling facilities are not equipped to handle flexible materials with the same processes that manage harder goods. These materials can only dropped off at sites that accept thin polyethylene plastic used for packaging, wraps or commercial/retail bags. From the drop-off location, Bubble Wrap and Fill-Air packing materials will be ground up and re-pelletized to make a variety of products from trash bags to automotive parts, which can also be recycled.

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Protective Packaging Materials | Beck Packaging Allentown, PA

Protective Packaging Materials

Protective packaging materials protect your valuables and odd-shaped items during shipment. Nowadays, there are so many diverse protective packaging materials it is hard to find one that doesn’t work with your products. Through many years of experience, Beck Packaging experts have learned how to find the package solution when it comes to shipping your products.

Protective Packaging Solutions

Beck Packaging engages with the design and production of products to determine the right protection of your contents during shipping and handling. We take pride in caring for all types of businesses and their products, which is why we offer a wide variety. Once a business gives Beck a call, they are assigned one representative that they are in contact with almost every day. This representative will schedule an onsite consultation with you and your business team to go over daily operations and get to know how your business functions. Once your Beck Packaging representative is familiar with your daily procedures, they will look over the list below to determine the best protective packaging material for your company.

Types of Protective Packaging Materials:

protective packaging materials like fill air pillows are recyclable

Fill-Air Pillows – Fill Air pillows fill the voided areas of your shipping packages. These pillows provide protection on every type of shipment!

bubble wrap is one of the recyclable protective packaging materials at beck packaging

Bubble Wrap – Bubble Wrap can provide onsite inflatable protection for your products and is also 100% recyclable.

foam placement is one of the recyclable protective packaging materials available at beck packaging

Foam Placement – Polythylene, Polypropylene Foam and Foam-in-Place can be extremely customizable for your packages.

paper packaging is another one of the protective packaging materials at beck packaging

Paper Packaging – Custom length paper pads provide on demand cushioning for your shipping needs.

protective packaging materials available at beck packaging in allentown pennsylvania

Korvu® – Packaging that suspends your products – protecting them from shock and vibration during the shipment and delivery process.

biodegradable protective packaging materials at beck packaging

Styrofoam Peanuts – Biodegradable packing peanuts are ideal for protecting fragile items.

Finding solutions to your shipping problems can be overwhelming, and Beck is always here to help. Our consultative employee owners will study your business and provide you with informative answers. The packaging solutions you are provided with from Beck will not only decrease shipping damage, but will save you money and make your production line more efficient. Click here to see all of our protective packaging products and machines. We are partners of well-known brands including; SealedAir, Clamco, 3M and many more!

Industrial Packaging Machines | Beck Packaging Allentown, PA

Industrial Packaging Machines

Industrial packaging machines provide on-demand, fast paced packaging solutions without causing strain on the operators. Packaging machines are there to make the line of operation less strenuous as well as more efficient. Whether your company uses paper, air, foam, etc., there is a packaging machine to speed up the maintenance of all these materials. Check out our packaging machines page, or give us a call to see what packaging machine is a right fit for your business!

Automated Packaging Systems

Industrial packaging machines automate the filling, bagging, sealing and other processes of your operation line. By automating certain processes, you will make your production line work more efficiently and cost-effectively. Your employees will appreciate the assistance with some of their miniscule daily tasks. A popular automated packaging machine is the PriorityPak® Automated Packaging System. This high-speed automated packaging system encapsulates products in a ready-to-ship protective package. This machine can be integrated seamlessly into existing packaging lines, which can create multiple time-saving, automated features.

Industrial Packaging Machine Available at Beck Packaging Located in Allentown PA

PriorityPak® Automated Packaging System

 Small Business Packaging Machines

Packaging machines can be implemented into small business environments as well. Certain packaging machines not only speed up the packaging process, but also save a lot of room in the warehouse. For example, The New Air I.B Express is a bubble wrap machine that provide on-demand inflation to compact roll of film, this machine saves a lot of space compared to bulks of already inflated bubble wrap in your warehouse. The machine produces bubble wrap material at 5 ft per minute in 12″ and 24″ film widths –  fast enough to keep up with the most demanding packaging operations.

The New Air I.B Express Industrial Packaging Machines is Available for Small and Large Businesses

The New Air I.B Express

Visit our packaging machines page to see all the other machines we must offer! Not sure what machine is right for your business? Contact Us to schedule an onsite consultation with one of our packaging experts! Save space, time and money with one of our industrial packaging machines for businesses small and large!

Paragon Torque Stretch Wrap | Beck Packaging

Salesman Bob Metter is an Expert on Paragon Torque Stretch Wrap

This month’s blog highlights Beck Packaging sales team member, Bob Metter in our continuing biography series. Bob is a Lehigh University graduate with bachelor’s degrees in Business Economics and Finance. Bob is married with 2 wonderful children. He is a tennis enthusiast and is an avid skier that has been to many places across the country such as Vail, Aspen and Steamboat. Bob has been with Beck Packaging for over 17 years.

My passion is helping people. I am always trying to save clients money on their packaging needs. Whether its on wrapping products or packing machinery, I am constantly trying to create a “work smart, not hard’’ mentality, but more so implements “spend smart, not a lot” to the bottom line of our clients. A popular go to product I recommend to customers is the Paragon Torque Stretch Wrap. This product alone has saved clients up to 20% on expenses when it comes to shipping. That cost can amount to big savings when it comes to being an efficient and effective shipper.

The Seven Benefits of the Paragon Torque Stretch Wrap

1. It cannot be damaged if dropped on concrete floor.
2. High test strength compared to other traditional freight restraints (metal, plastic straps, etc)
3. Unwinds completely down to the core.
4. Lightweight like pre-stretch film, 40% lighter than conventional film.
5. Can wrap pallet by hand, walking forward for faster wrapping and added safety.
6. Cost savings compared to other wrapping methods mentioned above.
7. Less pulling required, creating an extremely tight load.

My 5 Key Points. There are 5 rules that I live by that lead to a long-standing, happy customer. The first is Customer Service; this is the foundation of all qualities in a business. Good customer service is pivotal in keeping a customer coming back for years. This mantra runs deep in the core here at Beck Packaging, and our mission statement. We value what it means to have a great relationship with our customer base. In an ever growing technologically, hands free world. It’s easy to lose touch with your customers. Here at Beck, we make sure that doesn’t happen. The remainder of the list is Productivity, Per Pack Savings, No Damage, and No Returns. These rules can be applied to almost every product in every type of business, as an overall good practice.

For more information on all our products at Beck Packaging, or on the Paragon Torque Stretch Wrap, please feel free to contact our team or myself.

Bob Metter | Sales | Beck Packaging Corp | Cell: 484-788-2403 | Phone: 610-264-0551

Air Pillows | Protective Packaging | Beck Packaging

beck packaging salesman discusses switching a customer to sealedair air pillows

Air Pillows vs. Paper Fillers

I have been with Beck a very long time, and have seen quite a bit in the world of shipping. Some of the things I have seen were very creative, but not very effective. Others have been nothing short of genius. However, I have found that with Beck, quality and customer service has always been what separates us from the rest of our competition. If I can do right by the customer, and give them exactly what they are looking for, then they will be back as a repeat customer time and again. A lot of businesses are so robotic these days, it’s tough to find a personal touch that resonates well with our current clients in a day of automated technology.

One instance that I can recall was when I assisted a customer in creating an effective way to package products using air pillows instead of filler paper. Not only did it look unprofessional, it was a fuss to try and constantly rip and tear the paper to stuff boxes when shipping.  There were also multiple complaints of employees suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome as well as paper cuts. This was caused from the constant use of hands ripping the paper. So, I recommended using air pillows.

fill air pillows provide protective packaging for your products fill air pillows give your products protection during shipping

We began with running a “Pack Out”, which is our way of testing the effectiveness of the pillows against transportation and wear and tear through transit. Sure enough the product was intact and shipped effectively. Air Pillows also provide a significant cost savings when compared to the use of paper stuffing. We calculated that over the course of a year, we saved that customer around $50K a year on shipping supplies due to this minor change in protective packaging products.

That is the value that Beck Packaging is able to bring through to our consumers. In a digital world, it is so easy to lose touch with customers, but we will make sure that won’t ever happen. See all of our protective packaging products by clicking here.

About Kirk Harbrecht

Kirk grew up outside of Philadelphia and currently resides in Bethlehem, PA. Married with a daughter, Kirk actively works out and plays golf occasionally. Needless to say, Kirk is a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan. He recently has celebrated his 20th year at Beck Packaging.

How to Prevent Shipping Damage | Beck Packaging

how to prevent shipping damage with foam products in allentown pa

How to Prevent Shipping Damage

One popular concern that I come across on a regular basis is “how to prevent shipping damage”. My number one philosophy while meeting with a customer is listening and asking questions. By following this philosophy, I am able to provide the most cost-effective solution for a variety of businesses. One of my customers makes security doors for shopping centers; this customer expressed his concern about his products almost always arriving to the customer damaged. I knew how to fix the problem; however, it may be a trial and error situation. So, I decided to run a trial with the a foam in place machine to see if it would fix the problem. A foam-in-place machine provides on-demand customized foam cushioning.

How a Trial Works
If the customer is buying a specific volume of product for a specific machine, the machine is free. In other words, the equipment is free if the volume of product purchased from Beck Packaging supports it.

What is Foam-in-Place?

Foam-in-place is polyurethane foam that is molded in real-time by combining two liquid foams in a pre-fabricated mold utilizing an external mixing gun. This is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bag or film. The mixture expands rapidly around the product being protected, creating a custom protective shell. It is a great solution to prevent shipping damage on high value and irregular shaped items.

Prevent Shipping Damage Checklist

When working on shipping damage reduction initiative, be sure to include the following tactics to assure success:
1. Take Time to test a proper sampling of items and send several trial shipments.
2. Use Impact and shock indicators as a measure of success.
3. If your company has a generous return policy, be sure the package can withstand a return shipment.
Inbound logistics provides an excellent overall checklist in this online article . I highly recommend reading it and creating your own custom checklist. Feel free to call me at (610) 264-0551 if you have a shipping damage problem you need resolved. I am happy to help.

Beck Team Member: Chris Fabian

Chris Fabian of Whitehall, PA has been working with Beck Packaging coming 6 years in October 2017. He attended Northampton High School followed by Lincoln Tech studying electronic engineering. “And now I sell packaging” states Fabian. He is a father of two boys and a shepherd mix and married to his wife whom has a lot of patience. Snowboarding is his #1 winter sport. He is also a fan of the NY Giants and the NY Yankees.

Stay tuned for more interviews with our sales staff about common shipping problems companies have and how they solve them. Stay up to date with how our staff stays involved with the community on our Facebook page.

Small Business Management

Small Business Management Tactics to Help your Business Grow Successfully

This month’s new series will be focused on Small Business Management and some tips on how to create a cohesive, well-balanced team and organization. An overview of this months list includes time management, task management, delegation, and communication. All of these skills are necessary to achieve the most out your team. This blog series will provide a foundation for any manager to be the most effective at getting their operation running efficiently on a daily basis.

Time Management

Managing not only your time as an owner or manager, but managing the time of your employees on certain projects, can create a multi-tasked mindset. This action will provide an ability to start multiple projects simultaneously, but not overwhelm your employees. Taking small chunks of time for each project will keep the employee motivated and focused shifting from one task to another, while continuously working throughout the day. Prioritizing these tasks will make it easier to determine what takes precedent over another. This effectively will create an element of task management, which leads us into our next topic.

Task Management

After managing your time effectively, you have now created a standard for valuation of tasks. What takes most of your time? What are your team’s strengths? Weaknesses? How long will each task take to complete from start to finish? All of these questions are important to valuate and express in increments of not only time, but monetarily. This will help budget for a monthly expense. Helping you, as the owner, assess how much you spend in time, materials, or labor to produce such a product or service.

Delegation of Responsibilities

Unfortunately, not every one of your employees will be amazing at every task you assign them to. In this case, you match your tasks to mimic the strengths of what your team is good at. To delegate responsibilities is crucial to not just accomplishing a job, but creating a type of brand quality that you want as an owner. The image and quality of your product is the most important aspect of your business. Delegation of tasks means that you are the floor captain and having the right people in the right position to do the absolute best job possible is the optimal goal for any business owner.


To delegate is to be able to communicate as well. Communication could be considered one of THE MOST important aspects of being a successful small business owner. To lead a team, is to lead by example. Setting the tone and creating an environment of constant quality through communication is paramount. As an owner, cascading authority isn’t just telling people what to do, but expressing an importance to everyone’s roll. Their job would not be what is it without the small pieces to help keep it together. So express the value that each role provides when communicating tasks on a daily basis. The team is what keeps the company successful, not the individual.

These are only a few tips on developing small business management skills that will build a foundation of success for you and your company for years. Next months blog will pick up where this one left off and we will discuss more tips and nuances of how to run a well balanced, and organized team.