Stretch Wrap Machines

Your Beck Packaging representative is highly trained on various types of stretch wrap machines.  Many don't realize the how many options of stretch wrap machines there are today.  Call your rep today and let us analyze your needs.  We will then present you with exactly the right type of equipment to minimize your cost while maximizing your load protection and shipping throughout.

The Wulftec SML- 150 (shown to the right) is our most popular stretch film machine. Click the machine to see more information, or call us to see how it can save money for your business.


Stretch Wrap Machine SML 150 Available at Beck Packaging

Stretch Wrap Equipment

We stock and distribute a wide array of stretch wrap machines, from 3” hand wrap to pre-stretched hand wraps up to and including wide web machine films, with an equally wide array of gauges.
This product category is constantly evolving with more and more sophisticated manufacturing processes.  Stretch wrap can also be referred to as stretch film. You can rely on Beck Packaging to have access to the most up to date technologies to assist you in getting your product to its destination in the most cost effective manner with the least amount of effort. We also offer a wide range of stretch film products - check out our products page.

Nelson Stretch Wrap Machine at Beck Packaging Allentown PA

Nelson Stretch Wrap

The Nelson Wrapper is a light, durable and ergonomic method of dispensing hand stretch film. It virtually eliminates the need to bend down to lock the load to the pallet, and also makes reaching the top of a double stacked pallet much easier.

Nelson Stretch Wrap Machine Being Used on a Box in Allentown PA