Industrial and Specialty Tape Products

Beck Packaging offers a variety of industrial and specialty tape products that will assist in the shipping process of your business. Our experts will determine which tape products are going to provide your company with efficient solutions.

We offer expertise in potential savings, automation and improved product engineering. Beck Packaging provides consultative services to review packaging and packaging equipment utilized to help improve your bottom line.

Lithographic Tape

Lithographic Tape and Tape Products at Beck Packaging in Allentown PA
Lithographic Tape is designed for lithographic stripping applications used in the graphic arts industry. It is available in a wide selection of widths and lengths to meet your needs.

Duct Tape

Duct Tape products are used for a variety of reasons


Duct Tape is a pressure sensitive tape usually coated with polyethylene. There is a variety of uses for this type of tape.

Teflon Tape

 Teflon tape is also called plumbers tape and can be found in lehigh valley pennsylvania

Teflon Tape also known as plumber's tape is used to seal pipe threads. Stretches up to 50% and self lubricates joints for easy assembly.

Tensilized Tape

tensilized tape products are used for bundling and strapping items for shipping
Tensilized Tape is great for bundling, has great strength for general strapping and removes cleanly.

Masking Tape

masking tape is distributed at beck packaging in allentown, bethlehem, easton lehigh valley

Masking Tape is primarily used for painting/masking off areas that should not be touched. It is a pressure-sensitive tape made of thin paper that is easy-to-tear.

Filament Tape

Filament Tape products are used for packaging items as well as bundling packages together

Filamant Tape sometimes called strapping tape is used for many packaging functions like reinforcing packages, bundling items, etc.

Cloth Tape

Cloth Tape products are used in ice hockey and leave no residue when removed

Cloth Tape used for bonding to rough and textured surfaces and does not leave a trace of residue. Used for ice hockey equipment as well.

Foil and Foam Tape

Foil and Foam Tape is used for insulation on hot and cold areas buy it at beck packaging

Foil & Foam Tape is a one step insulation tape for both hot and cold pipes.

Splicing Tape

splicing tape products are used for moisture sealing applications and electrical areas

Splicing Tape is a self-fusing rubber electrical insulating tape designed for moisture sealing applications.

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