Janitorial Products and Supplies to Keep Your Business Clean

Beck Packaging offers janitorial products to keep your business sanitary and safe for your employees and customers. Our employee owners are here to guide business owners on the path to achieve maximum profitability while focusing on packaging, automation and efficiency. We delve further into your business to provide consultative guidance on achieving a healthy and clean business with janitorial products.

Our goal is to provide a solution for all of your business needs, up to and including how to keep your business clean and safe with janitorial products. Clean is just a phone call away! At Beck Packaging, we find the answers for your business and ship your janitorial products right to your doorstep.

In an effort to fulfill as many as our customer's needs as possible, we maintain a large inventory of janitorial, sanitation and cleaning supplies. Our cleaning supplies include various paper products, trash liners, cleaning solutions, sanitation dispensers, simple brooms, large scale floor cleaners etc. We offer a wide variety of cleaning products throughout the Lehigh Valley!


Janitorial Products

Stainless Steel Cleaners

janitorial products

Multi-Surface Products

Janitorial products      

We have all of the products needed to keep your business and employees clean and safe!

Floor Cleaners

janitorial products

Heavy Duty Brooms

janitorial products

Paper Products

janitorial products

Clean is just a phone call away!


janitorial products and sponges to keep your business clean and sanitary

Flat Mops & Accesories

janitorial products to keep your business clean

Food Service Safety Items

Food Service safety items keep your business safe